Give support to children with physical challenges in all its ramification


Engage in social and academic work on gender based violence in the society


Give support to and do programmes of intervention for the under privileged in the society.

Our Mission

Championing the inherent, indivisible, independent & interrelated fundamental rights of people living with disabilities.

Education for the Physically Challenged

It is our mandate to provide education and other educational materials/support needed in actualizing the dream of the physically challenged/impaired.

Feed the Physically Challenged

Due to the physical impairment of some people, catering for food by themselves has become a herculean task as this brings more pain than gain.

Home for the Physically Challenged

We provide people living with disabilities the enabling environment to socialize without being stigmatized and we support those in disabled homes they can go.

Ready to become a volunteer?

Is your humanity still intact? Are you touched to help? Are you physically, mentally and financially ready to help in championing the cause for the impaired? Contact us today and we will be glad to have you join our Foundation.

Construction of 50 bed space hostel accommodation & matron lounge.

The foundation is seeking the support of the public in the construction of  a 50-bedspace hostel accommodation  & matron lounge for the physically challenged students of the Kwara State School for Special Needs.

In 2015, Becky’s Foundation was registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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